Selected press

"5/5 STARS: MAGICAL... celebrates the power of youth and friendship. An unexpected delight... so much more than a film about a film, it’s about young women breaking the rules set in a conservative country..." —Charlie Phillips, The Guardian


“The story of a promising female artist being manipulated and sabotaged by an arrogant, pathologically dishonest man is one with particular resonance in 2018…”
Los Angeles Times Oct 26, 2018; Justin Chang’s rave review

“The skill of the editing (by Tan and two colleagues), though, is key: interviews are woven organically throughout the narrative, and little nuggets of rewarding information are withheld until the final stretches. In this way, the movie is constantly surprising and delighting us, not least in its creative use of the original film’s footage.”
New York Times Critic’s Pick, Oct 26, 2018

"Gloriously, gleefully idiosyncratic… vastly imaginative”
Richard Brody, The New Yorker

and Richard Brody again in The New Yorker: Goings on about Town Oct 29, 2018 print edition

The Los Angeles Times interview, Oct 29, 2018

“…that its vanishing should have resulted in the very enjoyable—and, in its flip way, oddly profound—Shirkers (Sandi Tan, 2018), well, that’s simply a miracle, and a delight.”
Jonathan Romney, Film Comment: Film of the Week Oct 26, 2018

"Wildly delightful... teeming with incident and personality... No amount of caustic self-criticism from Tan can dampen the thrill of witnessing the vibrancy and bounteous energy of everything captured within the frame."
Eric Hynes, Film Comment

Shirkers is a joy, but it also feels haunted, as if Tan had the unique opportunity to unearth a perfectly preserved clone of her younger, more idealistic self…”
Vulture | New York magazine review by Emily Yoshida

Rave review (paywall)
— by John Anderson Wall Street Journal.

— Review from the Financial Times, London

Review by David Fear
Rolling Stone magazine

"Enjoyably singular... an eccentric wonder to behold"
Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

"An exuberantly dreamy grrl-power-meets-noir crime story"
Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter

“Sandi Tan’s Shirkers may be the year’s most compelling grifter story”
Julia Felsenthal, Vogue (interview with Sandi Tan)

"Shirkers has the handmade delicacy of a scrapbook come to life... [Sandi Tan] has produced a remarkable statement on the formation of a creative identity across many years and life experiences."
Eric Kohn, Indiewire

"One of the wildest, most inventive films of this year"
Tomris Laffly, Film School Rejects

"There is an endless amount of things to love about this film... a dazzling tapestry... always unpredictable and layered... absolutely incredible"
Nick Allen,

"A cinematic memoir...colorful and quirky and bursting with youthful energy, combining the spirit of the French New Wave and American independent films that influenced it"
Scott Tobias, Variety

“shows that the bold creativity and insouciant ingenuity of her 18-year-old self remains unspoiled”
Peter Keough, Boston Globe

“Giddy and glorious, Shirkers is a doc whose time has finally come."
Jason Gorber, POV Magazine

“The Vanishing”
Sight & Sound magazine interview with Sandi Tan

“Shirkers: A Movie Mystery 25 Years in the Making”
The Guardian Interview with Sandi Tan

Vulture Interview, Nov 20, 2018
— By Emily Yoshida

Film of the Week
— Michael Atkinson, Sight & Sound

Fresh Air Interview
—With Terry Gross

— With Kurt Anderson

The Frame
—With John Horn

Pure Non-fiction
—With Thom Powers

LA Review of Books
LARB Radio Hour